Our family was so fortunate to have found Mrs. Smith this year after our son was diagnosed with dyslexia in the 2nd grade. She was compassionate and helpful right from the beginning. She was able to share her expertise with me and help explain the different tutoring methods which were available to help us. She also seamlessly transitioned my son from his Wilson tutoring during the school year to O-G during the summer because he would be using this method during the upcoming school year. She was able to make her lessons fun, with movement and games dispersed in which helped him maintain focus. She gave us frequent updates on his progress and offered to connect with his future teachers. We wholeheartedly recommend Mrs. Smith and are so thankful to have found her.

Parent of a 3rd Grader at Carroll School

Our family was fortunate enough to meet Mrs. Smith at a time when our daughter, who has multiple language-based learning disabilities and a complex learning profile, was becoming more aware of being a non-reader compared to her peers.  While we weren’t sure when we first contacted Mrs. Smith, if she would be able to work with her given all of our daughter’s complexities we knew we had to try because the years of balanced literacy instruction given by the school were unsuccessful.  Mrs. Smith assessed our daughter and gained an understanding of her academic and medical history. She then was able to devise a plan to reverse years of instruction with  ineffective literacy instruction. Not only was Mrs. Smith more than qualified to work with our daughter, she was eager to do so in a way that would lead to the success we all wanted.  Although we have not yet completed a full year, our daughter has gone from crying about not being able to read and feeling excluded to having the necessary skills needed to decode words and she is reading for learning. Mrs. Smith has not only been able to teach our daughter strategies needed to become a reader, she has instilled in our daughter a love of reading.  She has gone above and beyond to support our daughter as well as us as her parents. She has been an invaluable addition to my daughter’s success as a student. Without her expert insight and instruction we would still be staying up at night worrying how we were going to help our daughter become a reader. Now we tuck her in at night with no less than 3 books and saying to one another – guess what she read to me today! 
Parent of a 3rd Grade Student in Plymouth, MA
Working as an advocate for children with dyslexia, Patricia’s help was extremely valuable. She has broad expertise in proven instructional tools and the ability to apply them appropriately to each student’s learning needs. Combined with testing and progress monitoring, Patricia’s approach is comprehensive, effective, and supportive. If your child is not learning to read in the public school system, Patricia will be an asset to you, your child, and your IEP team.
Susan, Advocate South Shore, Massachusetts
I came to Mrs. Smith with concerns about my son’s difficulties in ELA. Initially, I had wondered if his issues were related to dyslexia as there is a history of it in my family. My son was diagnosed with ASD and ADHD in 2nd grade. Mrs. Smith ran through a series of tests with my son, and she was able to work with his struggles even though this subject is his least favorite. She checked in with him to gauge how tired he was. She worked small movement breaks into the test. She also warned me ahead of time that he would probably be exhausted by the end of testing, and I should have a “reward” waiting for him when he was done. Everything went so smoothly. Her discoveries pinpointed exactly where his issues were. From her results, I was able to have a very successful IEP update meeting to add a new education goal. I cannot thank Mrs. Smith enough for her insight and expertise.
-Parent of a 6th grader, South Shore, Massachusetts

Dear Mrs. Smith, Thank you so much for helping me with reading and spelling. In school, I am more confident to read in class. I use all the rules when reading or writing. The vowel consonant e rule I use a lot to spell words like paper or smile. And the soft c, g, and hard c, g. Soft c, science, hard c, call. Soft g gym, hard g, gum. There are so many other rules I use, but you have helped a lot. Thank you so much!!!
– 6th grade student, South Shore, Massachusetts