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Welcome to South Shore Literacy Services.

Hello I am Patricia Smith and I have worked in the field of Education for over 20 years in a wide variety of settings.

What sets me apart from other professionals in my field?

● Data – I start by collecting baseline data to provide a starting point for instruction. I follow up with monthly progress monitoring reports to show how your child is progressing.
● Personal Experience – I have been there and I understand the emotional struggle for a parent and a child when what typically is another skill to be checked off in the baby book becomes a confusing struggle. I have great empathy for parents who have an expectation that their child will learn to read at school and that does not happen.
● Emotionally Sensitive – By the time a child sits across the table from me they have experienced failure repeatedly. My
instruction is designed to be aware of this and provide a safe environment for skill development
● Expertise – My training has come from the institutions in Massachusetts that offer the BEST instruction for students with reading struggles; Carroll School, Friends Academy Sally Borden Program, and Landmark School.
● IEP Team Support – It is always all about the student! I have a great deal of experience working with IEP Teams to provide data, insight, and expertise about how to provide intervention and support for students with Dyslexia.